We believe individual differences are blessings
universally dancing in light,
mingling and gathering together in mystery and love;
where compassion and love evolve into a higher connection
and oneness with the Divine.

We welcome you to a place where diversities are celebrated and differences are welcomed on your faith journey.

Come as you are, who you are, and where you are to gather in a place of peace and light. Gathering in celebration and SHOUTING:
“I Am!”
          “I Am!”
    “We Are!”
              “We Are!”

Let’s gather in a place of peace to create an atmosphere where dreams can be realized.

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Sacred Wandering has closed it's Reiki services until further notice. If you need to speak with your Reiki Therapist, please contact them directly.
We are currently working on our online courses and hope to have the first couple courses up and running by the end of April.
Counseling at Sacred Wandering provides mental health services including including for co-existing disorders (AODA).  Please visit our Counseling page for more information.

Sacred Wandering Pastoral Center is still looking for a permanent location where services may be held on a regular basis.
Please advise us if you know of a property that is available for a donation receipt.
All sacramentals will continue with discretion.

Thank you for your understanding during these difficult times.  Please know that we will continue to keep you all in prayer.