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UPDATE: We’ve moved to the new server hardware and are now in the process of restoring all data – If the site looks different, that’s because it is. We are using a new theme and have consolidated all unnecessary programs. We’re trying to restore all the old data while at the same time updating all the outdated information. Additionally, we are working on a new section, “Moving Forward”, which will outline our vision and goals for 2019. Thank you for your patience! ~Fr. Mateo

We believe individual differences are blessings
universally dancing in light,
mingling and gathering together in mystery and love;
where compassion and love evolve into a higher connection
and oneness with the Divine.

We welcome you to a place where diversities are celebrated and differences are welcomed on your faith journey.

Come as you are, who you are, and where you are to gather in a place of peace and light. Gathering in celebration and SHOUTING:
“I Am!”
          “I Am!”
    “We Are!”
              “We Are!”

Let’s gather in a place of peace to create an atmosphere where dreams can be realized.

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