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Welcome to Your Journey


We believe individual differences are blessings
universally dancing in light,
mingling and gathering together in mystery and love;
where compassion and love evolve into a higher connection
and oneness with the Divine.

We welcome you to a place where diversities are celebrated and differences are welcomed on your journey through life.  Come as you are, who you are, and where you are to gather in a place of peace and light. Gathering in celebration and SHOUTING:
“I Am!”
          “I Am!”
    “We Are!”
              “We Are!”

Let’s gather in a place of peace to create an atmosphere where dreams can be realized, where artificial barriers are rejected and people are celebrated for who they are.  Our mission is to provide healing to all people through an integrative approach. We believe health to be a state of mind, body, and spirit – all three must be engaged to help heal the entire person, not by our definition, but of their own.

We Are:

  • A Place for All who seek wholeness, wellness, completeness, peace, or healing
    ~ what ever the need may be.
  • A Place for Spirituality.
  • A Place for Enrichment.

~Sacred, yet Practical.
                 ~Practical, yet comfortable…
                                      ~ Filled with love and help for each person’s sacred wandering.