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Founded in 2010 by Fr Kenneth J. Nelan, OSFC and his wife the Janet C. Soldon, Sacred Wandering was born from the understanding that we each travel a sacred path; gathering into ourselves and with others as we travel on our life-journey. The paths we travel are sacred because they can lead us to those things that help us develop emotionally, physically, spiritually, and communally.

As we travel our individual and collective paths, we gain knowledge of who we are and why we have chosen our path(s), and so we begin to focus our attention on our core beings – our centers ~ our inner selves ~ “gathering in the center”**.

Sacred Wandering, therefore, is a tradition that honors all paths as sacred and equally honors the diversity each being brings to this world.  We each share in helping and one another on our paths, but we still gather in the center – the center of our own existence, that of our God, of our community, of our sacred spaces, of…
…the list goes on and on.

We are working towards that day when Sacred Wandering evolves into a retreat center where all may take respite and pause from busy lives; to refresh and rest – an oasis of sorts. Until that day comes, we reach out to those we encounter individually; to be present to their lives and to honor their paths.

Sacred Wandering / Sacred Path Practitioners is itself catholic (universal) in that all are welcome.  We live by the motto, “Do No Harm”, and we celebrate all beliefs as emanations from the Divine.  We are guided by ancient teachings of love, compassion, understanding, and forgiveness as taught by prophets and disciples throughout the world; however, we draw primarily from the teachings of one who walked this earth 2000 years ago, and draw from the inspiration of countless other traditions.

Sacred Wandering is a A Place for Gathering.

~ A place where individual differences are seen as blessings; where colors mix in a universal dance of light, mingling, gathering together in mystery and love, declaring: “I Am!” “I Am!” “We Are!” “We Are!” Let’s gather in a place of peace, where differences are valued, to create an atmosphere where dreams can be realized.

~ A place for All those who are seeking wholeness, wellness, completeness, peace, or what ever the need may be. Even those who just want to come to just exist in a peaceful and safe environment. That is why we take pride in creating an atmosphere of total peace and separation from the “real” world. Knowing that you have a place to come and unwind is paramount in our services to you.

~ A place where all people may celebrate Spirituality without fear; a place for individuals, couples, families, or group retreats. In our gardens, chapel, labyrinth, or where ever your heart desires, we hope you will find the space you need for contemplation, mediation, prayer, or what ever brings you closer to God. Whether you are Christian, Buddhist, Jewish, or other spiritual identity, there is a place for you here at The Gathering.

~ A place for personal Enrichment. For every person at every age level, we offer a wealth of programs to help revitalize and rejuvenate one’s own outlook on life. Through whole-life living and being, we hope to promote the learning of newer methods of better living through diet, herbs, spirituality, massage, aromatherapy and the various other means that are naturally available. Just as every plant is either a food or a medicine, so too is every person capable of growing beyond their own limitations.

Sacred, yet Practical.  Practical, yet comfortable. Filled with love and help for your special journey.

**Gathering in the Center is a registered trademark of Sacred Wandering / Sacred Path Practitioners.

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