Our Prospectus

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Sacred Wandering is first and foremost a church in that everything we do is a celebration of the +Sacred. Ours is a “Living” service in that we try to adapt to the needs of the people who seek our services. So, too, is our prospectus a living document in that it may change at any given moment to reflect updates and changes in services, populations service, and administrative changes.

Each year we evaluate our programs and where we are headed as a service to the People of God. We ensure all we do honors the paths each person takes so that we become wanderers on a sacred journey, much like those we serve. Already some of the information is outdated due to program changes or merging within the organization.

Below you will find our current program descriptions and financial information in keeping with our open disclosure policy. If you have any questions, “Let’s Connect” and see what we can do to assist you.

The following is the print version of the current prospectus. The blank pages are purposefully inserted so that chapters begin on the right-hand page. Pages are best viewed at 80% size on a standard desktop monitor. Viewing from your phone is NOT recommended. If viewing from your phone, please click the link below, “Going to the Periphery – 2021 through 2022”, to open the document properly.

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