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Pastoral Center

A Pastoral Center provides training and resources to the community, whether lay or clergy, as they work to proclaim the message of rebirth and renewal through the teachings of Jesus, the Christ.  The skills and knowledge needed to deliver a message of love and healing must be constantly redeveloped and renewed.  One of the main functions of Sacred Wandering is the Pastoral Center where we empower others to bring the Christian message of love, forgiveness, compassion, and healing (among others) to the community at large, and then give people the confidence to be strong and compassionate witnesses of hope and love in a challenging and often dispiriting world.

We believe that every journey is sacred.  Though we don’t yet have a permanent location, we do have a video ministry and actively engage sojourners where they are in life – both literally and figuratively. Fr. Kenn is available for weddings and other sacramental celebrations.



At the moment, Counseling at Sacred Wandering is a solo practice of one mental health professional who walks a sacred journey towards discovery and health with each client who walks through our doors.  In this way, Sacred Wandering is more of an ideal – a way of living – than it is a concept.  It was born from the understanding that we wander in and out of balance physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.  It is when we find balance in all aspects of the self that we can move through struggles so they no longer interfere with or hinder our growth.  We extended that vision into our mental health practice where Kenn will work with you in a more holistic and integrative way.   

Fr. Kenn is a nationally certified and licensed professional counselor.  At this time, he only works out of the office in Mequon, but is looking for a more permanent solution where he can work both in an office and remotely.

Reiki Services

Our Reiki Master and Teacher, Jan Soldon, is accepting new clients and offers Reiki sessions based on your needs, as well as education on becoming a Reiki practitioner (see Continuing Education below).  Our other Master/ Teacher, Fr. Kenn, is not accepting Reiki clients at this time.  

We offer a sliding scale fee system as well as gift certificates, multiple purchase discounts, and other special pricing programs so please do not hesitate to let us know your needs.

Jan works mainly from our office in Mequon. Please contact her for more information.

Continuing Education

We teach four Reiki Levels – Reiki I, Reiki II, and Reiki III, and Teacher – as well as an Introduction of Energywork. You won’t get the “fluff and stuff” from us, instead you receive sound scientific and real physical principles.  We also focus on historical principles and direction of Reiki energy using the Usui methodology, as well as what we lovingly refer to as “Reiki with a Twist™”.  Essentially you receive two courses for the price of one in each and every course we teach.  This is a place for discovery and education – a place for healing.

At Sacred Wandering we teach the Reiki III/Master separate from Reiki Teacher.  In our professional experience and practice, we discovered students need time to integrate all they are learning about the Spiritual/Master level of Reiki before engaging in a teaching role.  We therefore opted for the more ethically correct practice of teaching the Master level separate from the Teacher level.  For more information, visit our courses page.

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